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Linear power supply for the Schiit Modi USB BLinear power supply for the Schiit Modi USB B

Welcome to Squeeze-upgrade

The address for innovative upgrade products to improve the sound quality for streaming audio players, D/A converters, Mini-PC and headphone amplifiers. You are at the homepage. 



Brief introduction

The basic product of Squeeze-upgrade is the SBooster, an economic and quirky addition to your existing switch-mode power adapter (wall wart adapter). The SBooster enhances the sound quality of audio devices powered by a switch-mode adapter.


Our other product is the Best of Two Worlds Solution. This is a high end linear regulated power supply solution with the SBooster integrated in the DC power cord. The Best of Two Worlds Solution improves the 'digital' circuit and your music will sound more dynamic and more natural. Also the background noise will be totally gone. The additional SBooster creates a perfect soundstage, a fantastic placement of the voices and instruments. You will enjoy even the smallest detail.


Best of Two Worlds Solution header


Our Best of Two Worlds Solution has already received many favorable comments here in Holland, but also abroad. Under the review button you will find a list of the reviews.


 Squeeze-upgrade brochure 2014




If your product is not listed and you are looking for a power supply upgrade for your streaming audio player, (USB) DAC, Mini-PC or headphone amplifier 5/6/9/12/15V, please send us an email. We will inform you about the possibilities. 


We hope we can welcome you as a new customer. We wish you a great listening experience with one of our upgrade products. Thank you for visiting our website.



SBooster, enjoy more music...........  


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