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Switch-mode upgrade for the Arcam rDACSwitch-mode upgrade for the Arcam rDAC
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Linear power supply for the DacMagic PLUS 12V Linear power supply for the DacMagic PLUS 12V Linear power supply for the DacMagic PLUS 12V Linear power supply for the DacMagic PLUS 12V Linear power supply for the DacMagic PLUS 12V

Cambridge Audio - Linear power supply for the DacMagic PLUS 12V

Price: €134,95
Voorraad vol 

Avaiable options:

Mains plug

Linear power supply with SBooster for the DacMagic PLUS 12V.

The “Best of Two Worlds Solution" is the ultimate linear power supply upgrade to improve the sound quality of your DacMagic PLUS at the most innovative manner. The sound improvement is absolutely sensational.


The "Best of Two Worlds Solution" will be delivered as a plug & play device and requires no technical knowledge. 


The power supply is suitable for 230V/240V - 50Hz and features a mains cable. Please choose from following types, other types are available on request. 




Useful: The Best of Two Worlds Solution is supplied with an interchangeable DC plug and the upgrade is suitable to multiple audio devices. For a current list of all the upgrade options please check the compatibility list.

All matching DC tips and special (adapter) cables per Best of Two Worlds Solution Voltage type are included.



 SBooster, The audiophile power supply solution............. 


Output Voltage
  • 12 Volt DC
Input Voltage
  • 230 Volt AC 50Hz
  • 30VA
Rectifier bridge 
  • ON Semiconductor Schottky barrier rectifiers
Bulk capacitors 
  • 6 x Rubycon ZLH Low Impedance High Ripple Current (13.200µF total)  
Linear Regulator
  • National LM1086IT-ADJ

Regulator input and

  • Kemet Solid Tantalum
Output capacitors LDO  
  • High-precision metaal film SMD resistors 0.1% 25ppm /oC
Bypass capacitors
  • AVX Ceramic X7R
DC power cord
  • 95cm 16 AWG spiral shielded, with integrated SBooster
       and interchangeable DC plug
Mains cable
  • Standard supplied
Size and Weight
  • Dimension: 124*88*64mm, 1050g


Manual NL/EN as PDF document

Manual D/EN as PDF document

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